The Stapler

This was a bit of an unusual sales process. We combined discovery and a demo all into one purely because it’s been really hard to engage with the main key contact (Biz App Manager), so we decided to grab the rare chance where we’d have all the evaluators together in the room at the same time to do it all. I was also a bit bullish approaching this deal because we were trying to displace SV as well. I was keen to “tear shit up”!

It actually worked out quite well. It is important to state that the session is meant to be an interactive one where they should feel free to ask us anything and for us to do the same. We had a good mix of IT, Finance and IT/Finance people in the room – which was great! The session was extremely candid and interactive and you could see their eyes light up when shown the value propositions of our solution. Some people instantly “got it”! They could see the future – just like SAI.

The demo went really well because I did some careful planning on how to position specifically against SV – understanding the competitor and uniquely differentiating ourselves. I feel explaining what a report is and what it means is extremely important. 

At the end of it all – BW is proven right again. No matter how good a demo is, it doesn’t seal the deal. Starting to have a tremendous amount of respect for BW. It all came down to the business case again. We need to help them build the business case and work on the commercials to make the switch attractive. The cost of change – the benefits of change MUST outweigh the cost of change!