The disengaged buyer

It’s been a while since I’ve been thrown into this situation and it’s my fault for allowing myself to be put into it.

In this situation I’m working¬†with a very weak Sales Rep and a disengaged (and slightly delusional) prospect. The main ingredients for a successful deal are painfully absent:

  1. Rep doesn’t know how much this deal is worth.
  2. Rep doesn’t know how to quote.
  3. We have no information on requirements. Most probably¬†due to Rep’s lack of assertion and buyer’s unwillingness to engage.
  4. Rep doesn’t understand the landscape at all.
  5. Rep didn’t build relationship with any of the stakeholders.
  6. SC (me) didn’t research the prospect and review the deal beforehand – allowing myself to be put into this situation.

So we go into the meeting with the buyer expecting a demo but I decided to present a proof-of-concept to uncover their requirements and try to get them to engage with us more openly. Only managed to get the bare minimum out of them and they expressed their disappointment at not having seen a demo. I tried to explain to them that in a highly configurable solution, a demo that is not specific will do more harm than good. The buyer then claimed that she’s ahead of the curve because they have a competitors product in place and she knows what to look for and doesn’t need us to be so involved.

Due to my limited experience, this is the first time I’ve come across a buyer like this and it is quite perplexing.

Happy for anyone reading this to leave comments/advise/suggestions on how to manage this type of buyer.