Give a demo? But why? Let’s do a value demo.

There are only three things your prospects want to know from you:

  1. Can your software solve my problem?
  2. Can it provide a higher ROI than my other options?
  3. Can it provide a higher ROI than what I’m doing now?


  1. Don’t demo unless you understand the customer’s business problems and goals.
  2. Don’t assume.
  3. Don’t give advice and demos away for free. Use a verbal contract and get something back in exchange. E.g, have the budget owner attend the demo, give us a decision by X date, etc etc.
  4. Call to action at the end. What is the customer supposed to do or think after the demo. Tied back to the 2 objectives of a speech: 1. solve a problem, 2. do things differently.

Demo tip: what’s obvious to you is more than often not obvious to your prospect.