Bank demo in Melb

As much as we prepared for the demo, I came away still feeling like we didn’t do a good job. Cat and Pete were not very engaged and it was obvious that we’re a long way from a sale if they are the gatekeepers of the deal.

Brian was kind enough to share some feedback with me though, and here they are:

  1. focus on the value and the problems we’re solving for the business. I agreed that I got caught in the weeds trying to show too much that I lost my story.
  2. Started off well playing “day in the life” but didn’t make it sticky enough. I need to complete the story and get the person feeling like that was really easy! Don’t focus on the clicks and the buttons.
  3. Anticipate objections & understand the customer as much as possible. This is quite hard to do but an effort needs to be made for it.
  4. Find a better screen sharing app. I had to keep restarting the app and it was distracting and give them a sense of complexity.
  5. Reports need to have a story!!! Reports are meaningless unless they have a compelling story behind it.
  6. Try to include as much customer references as possible. Again a tough one but an effort needs to be made for it.

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