Maintaining control

So we were balls deep in a deal and at the stage of seeking approval for the business case, with Finance owning the project and approval to come from CFO.

While seeking confirmation from IT that we’ve ticked all their boxes and satisfied their requirements, I get a call from some IT guy asking about stuff that is outside of the project scope like SSO and Web Services and 2-factor authentication. The guy ended the conversation with requesting for a quote on those things.

Sensing that this could potentially derail the timeline of closing the deal, I had a discussion my Sales Director on how best to neutralize this and prevent this guy from re-opening and expanding the business case again. As expected, I got the knee-jerk panicky reaction from Mr Mans which I wasn’t satisfied with. In the end I remembered one of the most valuable lessons that I learnt from Gari – let people take ownership of what is theirs and never take ownership of what is not yours.

With this epiphany, I went back to the IT guy and explained that Finance owns this project and any quotes should come the project owner. This is to keep a clean and clear line of engagement, prevent overstepping on someone’s authority and ensure there is no confusion. I also gave a heads up to all the parties involved including the project owner.

We should be expecting contracts by today. 🙂


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