Meeting Rural in rural

Going into this demo half blind as we didn’t do a full discovery prior. Nevertheless, the information provided in the RFP document contained enough info and I nailed the “objectives” page in presso. Always a good sign when they agree with the list, the sequence of priority, and nothing to add.

We had the CIO, Head of Treasury, Project Manager and Financial Transformation Manager in the room with just me and my Sales guy.

Demo went pretty well and client was really interactive. This session was a little bit unique because the CIO kept asking our opinions and what we’ve seen from our experience and all that. I think sometimes we don’t leverage our expertise and authority as the world’s leading vendor enough. We focus too much on the product sometimes and forget that it’s not about what the product can do, but it’s about how our product solve their problems.

I think clients want to learn from us and from other companies. They want to know what their peers are doing and don’t want to be left behind. They have a problem and they’re looking for someone to show them how to solve it – the product is secondary.

Closing, feedback from them was really positive but I’m not sure if it was compelling enough or not.

Lesson learnt:

  1. Leverage our experience and expertise as leaders and experts more – show them how to do things the right way.
  2. Focus on solving their problems, not showing off our product.

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